Save 48% on Electricity? Wonder Textile Machinery Motors Can Do It! Mar 29, 2020

With the new epidemic raging around the world, the industrial manufacturing industries are suffering from one negative impact after another, and the biggest concern for many enterprises could be how to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Wonder high-efficiency motors for textile has made a remarkable breakthrough which will promote the textile industry's efficiency.

Wonder IE4 induction motor and permanent magnet motor can be widely used in various types of machinery of the textile industry. Particularly, the rotor of Wonder WST Series PM Motor are filled with permanent magnet to ensure high performance and reduce energy loss. The product has higher efficiency, strong eletrcical characteristics against overload working condition. The motor provides same output power with smaller frame size, thus, less space needed for installation. Controlled by inverter, the motor can operate at constant torque with a wide speed rage.

Compared with choosing IE1 electric motor, the textile enterprises will save about 48% of electricity cost every year with Wonder IE4 motors! Whether for the present or the future, the choice of high-efficiency motor will be the wise choice for manufacturers to reduce costs, improve efficiency, protect the environment and give back to the society.

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