• Wonder Motors for Mining and Stone Machinery
    Wonder Motors for Mining and Stone Machinery Dec 13,2020
    From mining to stone processing, the working environment of the stone industry puts forward strict requirements on the performance of stone machinery. As the driving unit of the equipment, the motors designed and produced by Wonder have a series of remarkable technical advantages, such as high starting torque, strengthen shaft and bearing, variable speed, flexible installation, etc. In the mining ...
  • WONDERful Forced Cooling Fan Nov 04,2020
    As the increasing global requirement of energy conservation, variable frequency and variable speed electric motors are found in many branches of the modern drive technology industry. However, when motors run at low speed, the normal ventilation of the motor could not guarantee adequate cooling, which will weaken the performance of motor or even result in series of breakdown. Forced cooling fan des...

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  • Why Brushless DC Motors? Sep 25,2020
    After nearly a century of development and improvement, Brushless DC Motor (BLDCM) has been flooding into various industries and has become a up-rising star in the motor industry. BLDCM is now widely approved by modern productive equipment, instrument and apparatus, computer peripherals and household appliances, etc. BLDCM not only has a series of advantages of AC motors such simple structure, reli...

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  • More Than 2 Hours at 400℃--Wonder High Temp. Motors Jul 06,2020
    In where there are crowded people and serveral devices, eliminating fire hazard and ensuring security are key concerns of the designers and builders of such places. Wonder Electric smoke extraction motors are designed for fire ventilation systems. The motors can be operated either at room temperature or high temperature: under normal conditions, it works with the ventilation system to al...

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