Wonder’s Solution For New Efficiency Regulations Mar 17,2021

New Efficiency Regulation

The IEC has published the new standard related to energy-efficiency: 60034-30. This standard globally harmonizes motor energy-efficiency classes in general-purpose, line-fed, three-phase, single speed squirrel-cage, induction motors in the rage 1-500hp (0.75-375kW).

Four efficiency classes are proposed, namely:

  • High Efficiency (IE2)equivalent to EPACT
  • Premium Efficiency (IE3) equivalent to NEMA premium
  • Super Premium Efficiency (IE4)
  • Ultra Premium Efficiency (IE5)

IE2, IE3 and IE4 classes are normative. IE5 class is intend to be informative, since no sufficient market and technological information is available to allow IE5 standardization-IEC60034-31.

The standard also defines that IEC60034-2-1 must be used with regards to testing methods. The methods defined in this standard are recognized as being of lower uncertainly. Manufacturers must state in their documentation which method they use to determine the stray load losses, because they are not comparable if different methods are used.

Wonder’s Motor Solution For ideal Efficiency

The EuP-Directive 2005/32/EC established the Ecodesign requirements for electric motor and define High Efficiency (IE2) as minimum efficiency levels as from 16th June 2011. You can now benefit from Premium Efficiency, Super Premium or Ultra Premium Efficiency Wonder motors.

The EuP-Directive 2005/32/EC also established that Premium Efficiency (IE3) or IE2+VFD will be required from 7.5kW to 375kW in IE3 (or IE2+VFD) will be required as from 1st Jan. 2017.

WST (PM motor IE5 or IE4), SWE (cast iron IE3), SWEA (aluminum IE3), SSWE (cast iron IE4) and SSWEA (aluminum IE4) series are Wonder’s solution to the new regulation.

Wonder Electric WST Series Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (IE5 IE4)

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