• Wonder Motors For Textile Industry
    Wonder Motors For Textile Industry
    Textile industry plays an important role in society development. by producing indispensable materials for population’s daily needs, for industrial manufacturing and for science research, etc. Wonder has been developing and producing matched electric motors for industrial textile machinery. Energy Sa...
  • Wonder Motors For Clean Energy
    Wonder Motors For Clean Energy
    To reduce carbon emissions and meet the challenges of the world's energy crisis, we need to reduce our consumption of coal and oil, and find green, clean alternatives -- and renewable sources of energy take on the burden. Over the past two decades, renewable energy has evolved from a dubious niche c...
  • Wonder Motors For Mining
    Wonder Motors For Mining
    Mining is considered one of the industries of which the working circumstances are harsh and critical, either to equipment or staff. Wonder continues to be a power solutions supplier to increase working efficiency and quality as well as to ensure safety of mining plant. Wonder standard motors, invert...
  • Wonder Motors For Water Treatment
    Wonder Motors For Water Treatment
    Wonder electric motors are ideal options for the whole process of waste water treatment, due to Efficiency and Reliability brought by Wonder. Wonder motors are widely used in various kinds of pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, turbine pumps, which are core equipment of water treatment indu...
  • Wonder Motors For Pulp And Paper
    Wonder Motors For Pulp And Paper
    For pulp and paper industry, efficiency level of equipment, flexibility and cost of maintenance are the main concerns of device manufacturer. Wonder, having the complete lines of high efficiency electric motors (from IE2 to IE5), can offer complete motor solutions for the machinery of pulp and paper...
  • Wonder Motors For Agriculture
    Wonder Motors For Agriculture
    Water Collection and Irrigation In the agriculture industry, water usage is considered the basic and vital element that influence the quality of crop, the use of land, the production between harvests and the return of investment. To optimize the efficiency of agricultural equipment, Wonder low volta...
  • Wonder Motors For Marine
    Wonder Motors For Marine
    Humidity, salt fog and corrosive atmospheres are the main threats to the equipment on board. As a motor solutions specialist, Wonder is professional in supplying electric motors qualified for tough marine environments, as well as reliability, compact structure and premium efficiency.   Three Ph...

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