Wonder Motors For Stone Industry

In the past 30 years, as a basic material for infrastructure, construction, indoor and outdoor decoration, stone production has been increasing year by year, and the global stone industry has been developing rapidly.

While the stone industry is developing on a large scale, it is also facing a series of challenges in technology and environmental protection. In the process of development and change, the upgrading of technology and equipment will significantly improve the production capacity and product quality of stone.

In the field of general machinery, Wonder motors have become the ideal driving choice for stone machinery and equipment manufacturers due to its excellent product performance and energy efficiency grade. Wonder products can meet the application requirements of stone machinery in the whole process, such as ore feeding, crushing, transportation, grinding, classification, flotation, concentration, screening, drilling, magnetic separation and a series of production links.


Super Premium Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection

Stone machinery usually needs to run continuously for a long time, so the energy consumption is considerable, which has become one of the key costs of stone enterprises. Wonder has been committed to research, development and production of high efficiency  motors for more than 30 years, and has accumulated an excellent reputation in the industry. The energy efficiency of Wonder motor has reached IE4 level defined in IEC60034, and that of WST series permanent magnet synchronous motor has achieved IE5.


Strong Performance and Long Lifetime

When Wonder designed and developed the special motors for stone machinery, they were endowed with the performance of large torque, so that it can perfectly meet the application needs of stone machinery in various production links.

Wonder also selects high quality shafts and bearings for the motor products. With the characteristics of low temperature rise and low vibration of the motor, the service life of the motor is significantly extended and the frequency of equipment failure is reduced.


High protection level and Reliability

In the working environment of stone industry, higher requirements are put forward for the waterproof, dustproof and other protective ability of the motor. The standard protection level of Wonder general purpose electric motor is IP55, and we can customize higher protection level according to the different requirements of customers, so that the motor can operate stably in all kinds of environments.


Compact structure, easy to install

Wonder has made a new design for the internal structure and appearance of the high efficiency motors, and has obtained the patents. Wonder motors can achieve higher energy efficiency and higher power output in a smaller frame size. What’s more, Wonder motors are equipped with flexible mounting foot and terminal box, so that the motors of all efficiency levels can be replaced easily. Wonder motor is the high quality choice for energy efficiency upgrade of equipment.


Wonder high efficiency motors are widely used in all kinds of stone machinery:

  • Sewage Filter
  • Diamond Wire Saw Machine
  • Double-Blade Quarrying Machine
  • Core Boring Machine
  • Down-the-hole Drilling Machine
  • Rock Driller
  • Bridge Type Large-scale Stone Cutting Machine
  • Bridge Type Thick Slab Edge Cutting Machine
  • Bridge Type Edge Cutter
  • Automatic Continuous Polishing Machine
  • Multi-head Automatic Bush-hammered Machine
  • Profiling Machine
  • Automatic Stone Cutting Machine


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