Wonder Motors For Aquaculture

It has taken a long time for aquaculture industry to develop from tradition to modernization. Nowadays, all kinds of equipment for aquaculture are developing and upgrading rapidly, and new equipment and instruments continue to appear, with various types and models and for different applications, which brings broad prospects for aquaculture industry.

The main equipment for aquaculture mainly includes the following types:

  • Automatic Aerator
  • Automatic Feeder
  • Drainage and Irrigation Machines
  • Machines For Pond Cleaning (Substrate Improvement Machines)
  • Water Purification Machines
  • Catching Machines
  • Power and Transportation Equipment, etc.


Energy Saving and Cost Saving

Aeration equipment is necessary for aquaculture farms, especially in the case of high-density aquaculture where aerator plays an important role in improving the production and benefit of aquaculture. The commonly used aeration equipment includes impeller aerator, water wheel aerator, jet aerator, suction aerator, vortex aerator, aerator pump, micro-porous aeration device, etc. Automatic aerators need to be operated continuously for a long time, especially in large aquaculture farms, and its energy consumption is likely to be a critical part of the total cost.

In the aquaculture industry, another indispensable equipment is pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, pipeline pumps, axial flow pumps, vertical mud pumps, etc. They are also the main component of drainage and irrigation machines, substrate improvement equipment.

Wonder has been committed to research, development and production of high efficiency  motors for more than 30 years, and has accumulated an excellent reputation in the industry.  Wonder high efficiency motors are widely used in all kinds of air compressor, water pump, gear box and other general mechanical equipment. The energy efficiency of Wonder motor has reached IE4 level defined in IEC60034, and that of WST series permanent magnet synchronous motor has achieved IE5. It is estimated that the use of high efficiency motors will save a considerable cost for aquaculture farms.


Low Temperature Rise, Low Vibration and Low Noise

When redesigning the radiator fins, eyebolts positions, fan and fan cover and other parts of the motor, the engineering team of Wonder Electric took aerodynamic factors into account  to equip the motor with a good heat dissipation effect. What’s more, the low temperature rise of the motor is realized when running, and relubrication intervals are extended, thus, the service life of the motor is longer.

Wonder also has advanced design and production capacity to minimize the motor vibration, noise and other adverse factors. At the same time, we match high-quality shafts and bearings for the motor, which can significantly reduce the failure rate and maintenance frequency of the motor.


Beautiful Shape and Compact Structure

Wonder Electric has carried on a new design to the internal structure and the appearance of the motor. Wonder has gained the appearance design patent, with graceful and smooth product lines being one of the unique symbols of Wonder products. Wonder motors also have the advantage of being compact, which can achieve higher output power on a smaller frame size, saving a lot of installation space making maintenance easier.


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