Wonder Motors For Clean Energy

To reduce carbon emissions and meet the challenges of the world's energy crisis, we need to reduce our consumption of coal and oil, and find green, clean alternatives -- and renewable sources of energy take on the burden. Over the past two decades, renewable energy has evolved from a dubious niche concept into a source of ever greater global satisfaction, and the clean energy industry is now growing faster than any other industry worldwide.

Product Set For Wind Turbine

Wonder leads the development and production of high efficiency electric motors for more than 30 years, with ‘environmental protection and energy saving’ being one of our business philosophy.

Wind power industry, the promoter of environmental protection, is a very important application field of Wonder Electric. Wonder has developed a full series of high efficiency motors suitable for wind turbines, which can cope with the harsh environment while maintaining the excellent performance of the motors themselves, such as large braking torque, fast response speed and strong overload capacity, as well as the high protection class of motors.

Wonder WEAVF & WEVF Series Pitch Motors are variable-frequency and variable-speed three phase induction motors designed for the pitch system of wind turbine, running with the planetary reduction gearbox inside. Wonder pitch motors can work in harsh environment where the air is with salt mist and sand . They have outstanding advantages of anti-vibration, overload, fast response, accurate positioning and high brake torque, etc., which guarantee the safety and reliability of our products.

Wonder standard motors are also suitable for the hydraulic system and the cooler system of wind turbine. They are supplied with minimum F class of Insulation, IP55 or above class of protection and option of KL, TH, PT100 motor winding protection to ensure steady performance of motors under extreme circumstances. Ideal corrosion protections and coatings, C4 or higher, and stainless steel screws are recommended to protect the motors from damage by the air near coast, desert or plateau.

Wonder has also been producing Yaw Motors for wind turbine, of which all exposed connectors are made of ANSI 304. Wonder Yaw Motors feature compact structure, low noise, reliability, high value-added and etc. They are widely used where is normal temperature, high and cold or high-humid.

Wonder Brushless DC Motors For Solar Energy

Wonder has developed ZW Series Brushless DC Motors applied in solar system. With the aggregate housing, the rotor and winding inside the motor are better protected than same type of products. The characteristics can be customized according to customer's requirements. Contact us for more information about Brushless DC Motors.

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