Wonder Motors For Textile Industry

Textile industry plays an important role in society development, by producing indispensable materials for population’s daily needs, for industrial manufacturing and for science research, etc. Wonder has been developing and producing matched electric motors for industrial textile machinery.

Energy Saving and Cost Effective

To support the demands of mass quantity and to choose an optimal solutions of cost/income,  textile factories are supposed to run the devices for long time. Therefore, the cost of electricity has been one of the key concerns of how the enterprises lower the total cost.

Wonder Super Premium Efficiency Electric Motors are ideal options for textile factories. Wonder is a professional manufacturer and supplier of IE5, IE4 motors which are widely applied in textile machines, such as:

  • Dyeing and Finishing Machines
  • Stenters and Setters
  • Combing Machines
  • Carding Machines
  • Spinning Frames
  • Roving Frames
  • Winding Machines
  • Soaking, Rolling and Drying Machines

etc., which work continuously in groups for several hours per day.

In textile factories, for example, where there are about 2000 devices or even more and where the cost for electricity is up to 8 million USD per year, energy saving motors for industrial textile machines can help save cost considerably, in comparison with IE2 or IE1 electric motors.

Customization Service for Different Operation Environment

Some of textile machines usually work in high temperature and high humidity. Wonder has the advanced technologies to offer products suitable for extreme environment.

Wonder enlarges the bearing, so that the motor for textile machines can tolerate dynamic load.

High temperature grease and wide temperature grease are chosen for different motors, which guarantees the steady performance of electric motor in different temperatures and a longer lifetime of our products. Hence, the interval of after-sales service is prolonged and the times can be reduced.

In addition, Wonder provides customization of Torque, Speed and Frequency Scaling, etc. Since the power and force offered by motors vary from the texture, thickness and elasticity of fabric, suitable characteristics of applied motors can help increase working efficiency, improve the quality of product, and lower the total cost of the enterprise.

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