Wonder Motors For Mining Industry

Mining is considered one of the industries of which the working circumstances are harsh and critical, either to equipment or staff.

Wonder continues to be a professional power solutions supplier to increase working efficiency and quality as well as to ensure safety of mining plant. Wonder standard motors, inverter duty motors, explosion-proof motors, smoke extraction motors, etc. are ideal drives to mining machinery.

Electric Motors To Drive Mill Systems

In a concentration plant, drives applied to ball and SAG mills should be suitable for the milling process. Those characteristics are critical to the electric motors: high starting torque, fixed or precise variable speed, flexible mounting or couplings, different types of cooling methods, etc. What’s more, the performance of motors should be able to minimize the downtime to lower the total cost of plant.

  • For mill manufacturers, Wonder SWE (IE3) and WE(IE2Three Phase Induction Cast Iron Motors are recommended. Wide range of frame size, huge torque, different types of couplings and cooling systems can be customized in accordance with customer’s needs.
  • Wonder WVF Series Three Phase Varied Frequency Asynchronous Induction Motors are controlled by inverters. Advanced electromagnetic calculation ensures motors to offer refined speed and torque control.

Electric Motors For Ventilation System

How to ensure a fluent air flow in enclosed mines or channels has been one of the important concerns to the managers of site. Ventilation systems are necessary to such situations, thus the performance of smoke extraction motors is critical.

Wonder Smoke Extraction Motors have strong capacity to endure high temperature environment. At normal temperature, it works to guarantee air flows, while at 200 to 400, it can run continuously for at least 2 hours to extract smoke and heat and to open an escape way for staff.

Electric Motors For Pumps

Several types of pumps are core devices in a concentration plant, like water pumps, slurry pumps, cyclone feed pumps, etc.

Wonder has full range of IE4 to IE2 motors for various types of pumps. In order to guarantee a steady and strong performance of our products, Wonder offers customization service to customers, including: output power, speed, number of poles, frequency, cooling method, etc., to provide the best cost effectiveness for pumps.

Electric Motors For Flotation Cells

With high efficiency levels, Wonder motors are designed to endure harsh environment. The high resistance to chemical corrosion prolongs the lifespan of motors during flotation process.

Wonder customization service including:

  • C4 coating or higher
  • Variable types of assembling and mounting
  • Reinforced shaft to support high radial thrust level
  • Cast iron or steel fan cover
  • Stainless steel hardware, special painting of surface and with extra protection against chemical abrasion.

Electric Motors For Crushers, Excavators, Conveyors, Stackers-Reclaimers

Wonder standard motors are redesigned for higher performance and energy efficiency. The details aim to face the extreme operation circumstances:

  • High strength shaft and heavy duty roller bearing
  • IP65/IP66 protection class or even higher
  • Large terminal box
  • Cast iron housing to provide durability and high performance in aggressive conditions
  • VFD operation to offer high energy efficiency and extended lifetime of motors.

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