Wonder For Water Treatment Industry

Wonder electric motors are ideal options for the whole process of waste water treatment, due to Efficiency and Reliability brought by Wonder.

Wonder motors are widely used in various kinds of pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, turbine pumps, which are core equipment of water treatment industry. Specifications below guarantee a strong performance of our products:

  • Extended shaft design, with different flanges and mountings.
  • Cast iron, aluminum and steel housings can be optional.
  • IEC standard motors power ranged from 0.18kW to 375kW, and NEMA standard motor with SF 1.15 power ranged from 1hp to 300hp.
  • UL or CE are certified for the products.
  • With protection grade IP23, IP44, IP55 and ODP, TEFC structure.
  • The inverter device can be installed on the motor for the consideration of variable torque and load demands.

Low Lift Pumps

At the head of the treatment processes, low lift pumps, backwash and recycle pumps play a vital role in bringing waste water in from source and decide the flowrate through the facility.

Energy saving and reliability thus are considered two main elements of electric motors that would be chosen. Wonder has developed a complete range of motors for general purpose with efficiencies above the IE2, IE3 and IE4 minimum values.

Combi Washer (Compactor)

The combi washer, located at the inlet area, works to separate solids from the waste water. The compaction screw, core device of combi washer, is driven by a reduction gearbox. Wonder motors are widely applied in various types of gearbox, equipped with space heater and thermistors.

Sludge Pumps and Emergency Pumps

In Primary Settlement Tanks and Secondary Settlement Tanks, the process water flows relatively slowly and the suspended solids sink to the bottom of the tank. The solids will be concentrated to the center of the tank and will be removed along a sludge pipeline, which is associated to a sludge pump. The sludge pump is driven by a hydraulic power which is delivered by a pump powered by an electric motor.

Reliability and steady performance are key attributes in such applications, since breakdown can result in high cost of maintenance.

Wonder motors, featuring longevity of lifespan, low temperature rise, specially produced shafts, etc., are suitable and ideal for either sludge pumps or emergency pumps that plays a back-up role of the desludging process.

For Anaerobic Digesters, Wonder is professional in designing and producing flame-proof electric motors, which are suitable for aggressive and explosive atmospheres.

For the Aeration Blowers and Surface Aeration Agitators applied in Aeration Lane, Wonder can offer optimum performance as well as maximum energy efficiency.

Recommended Products:

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