ZW Series

Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)

Technical Characteristics:

Output Power (W)


Speed (r/m)


Voltage (V)

12, 24, 36, 48, 110, 220, 380

Other characteristics could be customized.

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  • Product Detail

WONDER ZW Series motor is Brushless DC Motor(BLDC), aiming to meet the precise requirement of different applications like automotive, tools, industrial control, automation and aerospace and other industrial filed of industrial fan, ceiling fan, hydraulic pump, thermo solar, and lawn machine, etc. 

BLDC motor consists of a rotor made of permanent magnet materials, a stator with coil windings and a position sensor (optional). Big power in compact design makes motor suitable to limited space machine. Comparing with brushed DC motor, BLDC motor enjoys lots of advantages, i.e., high efficiency, brushless, sparkless, noiseless, good speed control and torque performance, fast dynamic response. BLDC applies electronic commutator to replace mechanical commutator, which helps BLDC motor avoid spark. It is critical point that ensure the safety and long-duration of motor.

Technical Advantages:

  • With PM Brushless structure, the motor can run at high speed and is easy to maintain. 
  • The motor offers higher power, higher torque density and higher efficiency while the volume and weight are considerably reduced.
  • The system cost is relatively low, because of the simple structure and manufacturing process of some parts inside.
  • Easy to realize torque control: BLDCM has similar torque characteristics to brushed DC motor.
  • The performance of motor is improved with shortened rotor diameter and increased air gap length.
  • The demagnetization curve is linear and reversible, which simplifies the design and analysis.
  • Anti - armature reaction demagnetization ability is strong, more suitable for sudden reversal, blocking operation.

Main Tech Specifications:

  • Output Power: 50-1500W
  • Speed: 1500-3500r/m
  • Voltage Range: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 220V, 380V


  • Air Handling
  • Automobile
  • Energy
  • Agriculture & Aquaculture
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Control
  • Automation
  • Aerospace


  • Motors For Thermo Solar System
  • Hydraulic Pumps Motors
  • Ventilation Fans Motors
  • Motors For Lawn Machines
  • Motors For Reduction Gearboxes

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If you are interested in our products and service, or other information about Wonder, leave a message please. We will give you feedback within 24 hours.