TSZ Series

Wound field brush dc motors

Technical Charateristics

Frame Size (mm)


Nominal Power (W)


Rated Voltage (V)

12, 24, 48,

Speed (r/m)



S2, S3


Series, Compound

Insulation Class

F, H

Protection Class

IP20, IP42, IP52, IP54,


CW, Reversible, CCW

  • Product Detail

WONDER TSZ Series motor is Wound Field DC Motor, produced to meet the requirement of different applications, like hydraulic powerpack, material handling, automobile, forklift, aerial work platform, marine etc. Wound Field DC motor adopt magnetic pole and wounded rotor to be a completed package. With careful varnish, it gives motor good insulated quality and long-duration. High quality bearing and rotor balance process make the motor runs stable.Oil-proof on end side or shaft end can avoid rust. Sealing and oil-resisit protect motor properly. Comparing with permanent magnet brushed DC motor, Wound Field DC motor can realize big power in compact motor size. What is more, work duty can be flexible designed to meet special operation. Alternative painting plans are available for aggressive enviroment, standing for 500 hours salty spray test.Normally,Wound Field DC motor itself is only with one rotation. While, WONDER have special design that can realize bi-rotation for Wound Field DC motor.


Main Tech Specifications:

  • Frame Size: 76-171mm
  • Output Power: 500-9000W
  • Speed: 1700-4000r/m
  • Protection Class: IP20, IP42, IP52, IP54
  • Insulation Class: F, H
  • Voltage range: 12v, 24v, 48v
  • Work duty: S2, S3
  • Rotation: CW or CCW or reversible optional
  • Parts: starter or thermal switch is option


  • Air Handling
  • Marine, onshore and offshore
  • Mining
  • Automobile
  • Energy
  • Agriculture & Aquaculture
  • Construction
  • Municipal
  • Infrastructure


  • Hydraulic Mini Power Motors
  • Hydraulic Pumps Motors
  • Taillift Motors
  • Forklift Motors
  • Marine Motors
  • Shutter Door Motors
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If you are interested in our products and service, or other information about Wonder, leave a message please. We will give you feedback within 24 hours.