Wonder Electric successfully held the first annual meeting in 2021 Jan 07, 2021

On the afternoon of January 7th, the 2021 Wonder Electric Annual Meeting of Management was successfully held in Wonder.

Wonder always pays attention to the discovery and cultivation of team leadership -- as the leader of each company of Wonder Group, team leaders will have a significant impact on the structure and development direction of the enterprise. Therefore, as the first meeting of the New Year, Wonder Group named the meeting with "New Start, New Goals, New Journey", and wrote a combative prelude for 2021!

At the meeting, the group announced the appointment of senior management positions in Wonder Electric, Wonder Power Technology, Shunda Metal and other companies, and clarified the responsibilities of each position. All the managers reached a consensus at the meeting: in the New Year of 2021, they will fulfill their duties, cooperate sincerely, develop with great courage, and lead the team to achieve more challenging annual goals.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Yu Zhuangxiang, General Manager of Wonder Group, delivered a concluding speech, putting forward expectations and requirements for the operation of each company of the Group in 2021.

The general manager mentioned that in the past year of 2020, the people of Wonder has made concerted efforts to withstand the test of the epidemic and realized valuable growth. He also said that, the global situation is unclear or will face many unknown challenges in 2021, and that every manager of Wonder is supposed to play a strong leadership in their respective positions.

General managers, deputy general managers and directors of Wonder Group and other companies and departments participated in the meeting.

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