Wonder Motors Gained Korean IE3 Energy Efficiency Certification Feb 01, 2020

At the beginning of the new year, Wonder obtained the first important certification-WONDER high-efficiency electric motor successfully passed Korean IE3 energy efficiency certification test.

Since 1979, the Korean government has carried out more than 100 end-user energy-saving activities. Among them, the most widespread and effective one is to use mandatory energy efficiency and label to encourage manufacturers to produce efficient products and provide consumers with the most efficient equipment and appliances. Thus, those lab test results that are approved by the Korean government can be used as the proof for manufacturers and importers to prove the energy efficiency level of their products to the Korean energy management organization.

WONDER obtaining this certification means that our high-efficiency electric motors will gain great help in exploring the markets in South Korea and East Asia. Wonder adheres to provide products of high quality to take part in the local industry, such as road construction, infrastructure, marine industry, etc. In the meantime, this will aid the company in optimizing our market structure and promoting the research and development of different types of products.

On this basis, Wonder will also actively promote the certification and sales of IE4 motors in the region. Wonder IE4 motor has obtained good word of mouth in various regions of the world, owing to the stable and efficient operation quality and fast and effective after-sales service. And we firmly believe that Wonder IE4 motor is bound to receive customer recognition in the East Asian market.

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