More Than 2 Hours at 400℃--Wonder High Temp. Motors Jul 06,2020

In where there are crowded people and serveral devices, eliminating fire hazard and ensuring security are key concerns of the designers and builders of such places.

Wonder Electric smoke extraction motors are designed for fire ventilation systems. The motors can be operated either at room temperature or high temperature: under normal conditions, it works with the ventilation system to allow air to circulate; in case of emergency fire, Wonder high temperature motor, with high performance, can quickly remove the hot and toxic gases in the space, opening a safe passage for personnel evacuation and for fire fighter, and reducing secondary damage caused by high temperature and heat to machanical equipment.

The Wonder motors with frame size less than 132 have aluminum frame and end cover, and the motors more than 180 has those in cast iron. Wonder chooses the materials that can resist strong mechanical pressure and the rigors of chemical corrosion environment. All motors are designed with fins and fixed feet. Foot mounting or flange mounting is optional.

Wonder is able to provide protection and monitoring parts for the motor according to user's requirement, such as PTC thermistor to issue a warning when the temperature of motor rises to a dangerous level and the local heater to prevent condensation water from accumulating inside the motor when the motor is standby.

Wonder smoke extraction motor can also be designed with a frequency inverter and the stator electrical characteristics can be enhanced to avoid damage to the motor by peak voltage.

The series are widely used in large buildings, shopping centers, factories, warehouses, enclosed parking lots and other scenes requiring fire ventilation systems.
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